Secure Your Home With Point – The Friendly Home Alarm

Currently being promoted on Kickstarter here, the Point Friendly Home Alarm System is a complete home alarm in a single device. The device monitors your home with no invasive cameras or complex set ups, and the device also possesses excellent notification functionality, so will be notified instantly when something is wrong.

Ever Vigilant

With the trusted Point system, you can gain some peace of mind when out of the home. Point combines machine learning, sound and environmental sensor data to monitor and detect anything out of the ordinary in your home.

Point is designed to detect specific events whilst your out; such as intrusions or smoke, and the device will notify you of any unusual events that occur in your home. Furthermore, most processing occurs on the device itself and it works silently and covertly.


Instant Notifications

Should the unexpected happen, Point alerts you and your family, friends and neighbours. In this way, your community can better work together to help and protect each other.

Point notifies you of events that matter the most to you: intrusions, smoke, loud music late at night or sudden temperature changes.

This information is presented to you on your phone and so you’ll be able to monitor issues in your home, no matter where you are. In addition, Point does all of this whilst respecting you privacy – The device possess no cameras and it does not eavesdrop!

Easy To Use and Hassle Free

Point is easy and hassle free to install and use. This innovative Kickstarter addition connects over Wi-Fi and runs on a rechargeable battery that lasts 6-12 months depending on environmental conditions.

In addition, when checking the status of the device on your phone via the free, downloadable app, the home screen provides you with a 24 hour overview of your home, while the timeline provides you with insights about your home over a long period.

Another nice aspect to Point, is that the device can inform you about hard-to-discover home environment issues – issues that most home alarm systems are not able to detect (eg excessive humidity levels, which can lead to a mold risk).

Currently being crowdfunded now on Kickstarter, Point has thus far received pledges of $157,322 and it has received 1,212 backers, this far. With just 19 days to go until the crowdfunding is complete, Point looks to be a nice home monitoring system with excellent funtionality and a refreshing focus on privacy protection!

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