Misfit Phase Hybrid Wearables Smartwatch – Black

The Misfit Phase Hybrid Wearables Smartwatch, available from Amazon here, is an evolution in watch design. It’s packed with powerfully smart features that showcase both strength and style and it delivers the information you need to access in today’s connected life.

Instant Feedback

Built-in activity tracking gives you instant feedback on your daily fitness goals. Simply toggle activity mode and the watch’s hands move to show your progress. The Misfit Phase wirelessly delivers detailed activity data to your smartphone. It also delivers important alerts straight to your wrist.

Tracks Performance

The Misfit Phase Hybrid Wearables Smartwatch automatically tracks steps, distance, calories, and light and restful sleep with the looks of a classic timepiece. This means the watch is always able to deliver more data, better insights, and stronger motivation.

Varied Notifications

Receive vibration alerts for call and text notifications, alarms, and custom app notifications. The Smart-button function allows you to wirelessly play and pause music, take a selfie, control smarthome devices, and more.

Strong Material

With a stainless steel and aluminum body, the watch is water resistant to 5 ATM and features both a time and activity display. The watch has a non-charging, replaceable battery that lasts up to 6 months.

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