The Sound Reactive LED MASK

Due for release in 52 days time and advertised on Kickstarter here, the Sound Reactive LED Mask is a fantastic electro-luminescent mask for art and music lovers everywhere! The mask comes in 8 new, unique designs and the synergy between art and tech, is truly mesmerizing.

Art Meets Tech

With technology integrated seamlessly into the design of the mask, the Sound Reactive LED Mask is an enhanced, innovative companion you can take with you anytime or anywhere there’s music!

With its art-meets-tech synergy, the LED Mask transcribes any sort of music and any type of rhythm into amazing, mesmerizing illuminations!


The Sound Reactive LED Mask – Too Cool For School

Cool & Comfortable

With a foldable, adjustable and easily wearable design, the Sound Reactive LED Mask is a music accessory for any occasion!

The mask comes with adjustable straps and a cable which is completely hidden inside the strap. Furthermore, with an advanced yet small and lightweight sound responsive lithium modulator, the mask is smaller and twice as light as the mask’s first incarnation.

The mask also possesses high quality printed colours as well as high density foam to both protect the mask and provide additional comfort.


Art Meets Tech

More Than Just A Mask

The Sound Reactive LED Mask is powered by phosphorus ink paired with a lithium modulator. The phosphorous ink is a material that consumes minimal power, is cold to the touch and emits a stunning, captivating glow.

The modulator converts sound waves into programmed patterns and this results in the creation of pure, organic light.

The Sound Reactive LED Mask has received well over $30,000 in pledges towards the masks development, and the mask is due for release in 52 days! With its exotic, high tech design and pulsating patterns, this spectacular mask will certainly prove to be a hit when it comes to private parties, festivals or even just as a display piece in your home!

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