Create A Money Goal For 2018

The New Year is approaching fast and we all have a fresh start to look forward to. The best time to prepare for your future is now, so why not start with a budget?


1. Write Down Your Dreams

What was your top money goal for 2017? Did you reach it? If yes, think about how you can build on that goal. If not, sit down with your spouse and create a new, specific goal for next year, like contributing an extra $2,000 to your savings/investment account.

While you’re dreaming, write down some long-term money goals as well. What does life look like for you in five, 10, and 20 years? It’s important to write your thoughts down so that you have a clear picture of your situation.

2. Follow The Plan

How many times have you started saving for one of your dreams—a big vacation or a down payment—only to be derailed by an unexpected surgery or car repair? It happens. That’s why the Baby Steps are a crucial part of goal setting.

3. Re-evaluate Your Goals

After you’ve determined your dreams, line them up with your current Baby Step. For example, if you’re currently on Baby Step 2 (paying off debt) and your year-end goal is to save more for retirement, take a few steps back and adjust your plan.

4. Budget Your Money To Achieve Your Goals

You’ve laid out your financial plan and now comes the fun part, budgeting! Your EveryDollar budget tells your money where to go each month. It’s not complicated or scary. It exists to make your life—and your goals—even clearer and easier to achieve.

Stick to your budget and your saving goals every month, and you’ll be celebrating by year’s end. Don’t put your dreams on hold any longer. Start your personal countdown today!

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