Sony Xperia Touch – A Portable, Interactive Projector for the Modern World

Available via Sony here, the Xperia Touch is a remarkable, compact, portable projector which makes your home surfaces come alive! With state-of-the-art touch functionality and impressive interactive functionality, this mini-projector makes for a great addition to any home.

A New Dimension To Home Surfaces

Unlike most traditional projectors, the Xperia Touch does more than just put on a show! The Xperia Touch is able to turn flat walls, tables or even floors into an interactive screen.

The projector possesses state-of-the art touch functionality, and with Wi-Fi connection and short-throw projection, the device adds a whole new dimension to your home!

Whether you wish to turn your table into an arcade, your wall into a cinema, your floor into an interactive game zone or your kitchen counter into a cook book, the Xperia Touch has you covered!


It’s All In The Touch

The Xperia Touch does more than just show you images. It responds to you and your touch! The device is built with the latest Sony intelligence and as a result it is intelligent, perceptive and responsive.

With this tech on board, the result is a portable projector which is easy to use and remarkably smart.

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 22.10.11.png

Download Apps via Google Play™

With its forward-thinking enhanced design, the Xperia Touch connects you to the world of Google Play™ and all the possibilities that opens up!

Swipe through a recipe app, whilst cooking, project your chat onto the wall, or simply keep up with your favourite vloggers. Essentially you can take the apps that you use on your android phone or tablet, and then just project them BIGGER onto your wall!

Currently priced at $1,699.99, the Xperia Touch connects you to a dimension and way of interacting that you never thought possible, and as far as family entertainment goes, this portable projector provides something for the whole family to enjoy!

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