QuickVent Safe –  An Innovative Safe, Hidden in Plain Sight

With burglaries and home invasions constituting an every growing threat in the US, the safe storage of weapons and valuables in the home has becoming a growing concern for home owners and residents everywhere. Thankfully, with the QuickVent safe, available from QuickSafes here, secure, hidden storage of firearms and valuables has now become a whole lot more convenient!

Hidden In Plain Sight

In contrast to traditional safes, the US made QuickVent offers a unique way to hide and secure your valuables, right out in plain sight! Disguised to look like an ordinary fresh air return vent, the QuickVent provides a great addition to your home security by providing convenient, hidden storage for your  home-defence weapons, money, jewelry and small valuables.

The QuickVent blends in on any wall and it has been engineered to fit between 2×16″ center studs (which is the standard spacing in most homes and offices).

QuickVent – hidden storage in plain sight!
Secure RFID Locking System

With its inbuilt RFID Locking System, the QuickVent allows you to gain immediate access to the safe’s contents by simply touching the RFID key to the sensor.

There are no numbers that you need to memorize (which are easily forgotten during a home invasion or panic situation) and there are no buttons to push. Furthermore in terms of convenient, simple home security, with the RFID locking system, your gun and safe contents are accessible in seconds, yet secure and protected from unauthorized use.

Quick Installation

All the required hardware is included with the safe and each QuickSafe RFID lock can support up to 12 unique RFID keys. The safe also comes with 4 pre-programmed keys (1 key fob, 2 cards and 1 token). In addition, should you wish to purchase additional keys when purchasing your safe through the QuickSafes site, then QuickSafes will program the new keys for you, so you won’t have to program them manually yourself.

If you lose the key(s) programmed with your safe, the safe memory can be erased and re-programmed to only accept your remaining cards. Be aware, however, that you must have one of your original cards before erasing the memory, for the process to work!

Currently priced at $249.99 at QuickSafes via the button below, QuickVent also comes with a backup battery pack, two installation screws, an instruction manual and four pre-installed AA batteries. For safe and secure, hidden storage in plain sight, the QuickVent does the trick!

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