Happy New Year From Genesis Mining!

We just wanted to reach out and say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! It’s been an amazing year for cryptocurrency, and we’re so grateful to each and every one of you for being a part of the movement!

Massive Influx Of New Users

There has been a huge influx of new users in the cryptocurrency world, and to Genesis Mining services. Whether you’ve been with them for years, or are just joining, they’re happy to have you and are excited to serve you in 2018!

Genesis Mining Highlights

Genesis Mining have put together a blog post with a highlights reel of Genesis Mining news from this year. Check it out for a rundown on what happened this year, as well as some glimpses into 2018!

Introduction To Bitcoin Cash

We also wanted to announce that we’ll be offering Bitcoin Cash (Live on 31th of Dec) as AUTO (Automatically traded) and as fully minable option in the beginning of January for all Bitcoin mining contracts!

Most Profitable Coins

This is done by mining the most profitable coins for your specific contract, which are then automatically exchanged to your currency of choice by our algorithmic trading framework. This is a cost effective way of mining different coins. The same technique is also used to mine LTC with a SHA256 contract, etc.

We hope all of you enjoyed the holiday season, here’s to an even more exciting 2018!

P.S. Use this discount code to get 3% on your mining contract: 4bY6sc.

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