Hudly Wireless – Enhance Your Ride with Modern Smartphone Connectivity

With just nine days to go before the Hudly Wireless is due for release via Kickstarter here, the Hudly Wireless head-up display makes driving safer and more convenient via its innovative, optically-collimated HUD display.

Drive More Safely

The Hudly Wireless head-up display allows you to get directions more safely as you don’t need to take your eyes off the road. Also, you can take calls and texts whilst still clearly seeing the road ahead.

With its utilisation of optical collimation on the HUD, Hudly Wireless allows both the road and the casted information to appear in focus, allowing you to maintain your situational awareness whilst driving.

Significantly, Fighter Jets have been using HUDs for decades to safely navigate the skies, and Hudly Wireless essentially provides you with a pretty similar experience for your car – yet this one’s android and iOS compatible!


Access Your Apps On The Go

Hudly Wireless possesses an open platform and thus it lets you cast absolutely anything on your phone, allowing for a completely customizable driving experience.

Apps that you know and love, like Waze and Google Maps, work seamlessly with Hudly Wireless, and the device is able to wireless cast your phone’s screen, so that you can instantly access navigation and notifications while driving.

Significantly, Hudly Wireless is also fully wireless, so it’s very easy to instantly stream your phone’s apps to the display via Hudly Wireless’ WiFi network. In addition, the display possesses excellent image clarity, so you will be able to project top-quality images onto the clear display, day or night.


Hudly App – Experience More

With its very own Hudly app, the Hudly Wireless allows for an experience which takes full advantage of the device’s hardware advancements.

The HUD utilises large high contrast icons which make it easy to navigate between different actions in the app. Also, in order to minimize distractions, the navigation displays only basic information like directional arrows, speed etc, whereas your phone will show other details such as your relative location on the map.

With other convenient features such as playing music and previews of your calls and texts appearing as an overlay on your display, the app enhances the Hudly user experience, whilst minimizing distractions for safer vehicle navigation.

With $174,673 pledged towards the Hudly Wireless Kickstarter campaign so far (with 780 backers), the Hudly Wireless looks to be a convenient, easy-to-use, plug-and-play HUD display that will make car HUD navigation a fair bit safer.

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