MATE – Foldable, Electric and a Dream To Ride

Promoted via Indigogo here, the MATE eBike is a practical, convenient and very cool looking eBike (electric bike) which makes cycling a lot more fun and a lot less hassle!

3-Step Folding

The in-built, 3-Step Folding System allows MATE to be quickly and conveniently folded up and ready to go with you virtually wherever you go. As a result, the eBike offers a portable solution which is great for busy city professionals, or casual hobbyists alike.

When it’s time to go, simply fold the stem and the frame, and then adjust the seat. The bike comes with a handy carry handle, so once folded, it’s simply a case of grab the handle and go!

“Quite possibly the urban bike of the future” –

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MATE – portable, compact & affordable
Electric Hub Motor

MATE comes in several eBike versions but the best version (the MATE S) comes with a 350 kw electric hub motor, which provides a welcome versatility and longevity factor to the bike’s design. Should you feel tired during your cycle, or should you just want to make cycling less of a chore and Zen out a bit whilst peddling, then simply ‘power up’ your ride with the integrated Samsung Lithium Ion battery, which is neatly tucked into the frame.

The 350w motor (or a more affordable 250w hub motor version is also available) allows you to glide through city streets without breaking a sweat. Also, the eBike’s 7 speed Shimano gears give you the power to control your cycle ride, however you see fit.

MATE – comes with some pretty nifty features
A Dream To Ride

With high quality front and rear disc breaks, MATE offers a safe and smooth ride, regardless of the fact that the eBike possesses a very compact, portable profile. The eBike also possesses front and rear suspension and it comes with all-terrain tires for a smooth ride, even over cobbled stone streets.

This nifty, little eBike also comes with an intelligent 6-speed computer and an LCD backlit display. Significantly, the display is water and dust proof, and it displays the battery life, time and distance of travel.

Another nice touch is that the display includes an in-built USB charger, so MATE allows you to charge your smart phone and other devices on the go!

Currently, with a whopping $6,464,629 of funds crowdfunded towards the MATE eBike so far, the project has gained popularity at a staggering rate! Furthermore, with the best version of the MATE eBike (the MATE S) currently on sale with 62% off at $849 + shipping, MATE offers an excellent, affordable and portable option for city professionals and cycling hobbyists alike!

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