From the lawless fringes of known space (Saber Forge), comes the Bane Mk2. This elegant weapon is an instrument of sublime destruction, suited for the hands of a worthy master.

The hilt is precision machined on a multi-axis CNC lathe and is finished and assembled by hand in the USA with tireless care given to every detail of it’s construction, this saber is nothing short of a work of art.

Second Generation Saber

This is Saber Forge’s second generation Bane. Every single part has been re designed from the ground up.


The second generation Bane uses the same system of assembly pioneered with the Vanquish curved saber. Collars on either end of the curved section provide a rock solid assembly and reduce the seam gap seen on the first generation Bane. This also allows the use of ASP style pommels.


The new claw features 8 finger grooves (vs 5 on the original) that are chamfered buttery smooth for a superb two handed grip. The new claw also features milled details throughout its length, terminating in gorgeous thru slots near the emitter and capped by a more aggressive and pronounced hook.


The generation 2 emitter has three blade windows that light up and an easy to access blade retention set screw instead of the side button head style on our original Bane. Also the emitter no longer has a seam line and is one solid piece.

Emitter Shroud

The thickness of the second generation Bane emitter shrouds to increase their durability and we added a deep chamfer all the way around to make this extremely aggressive looking saber deceptively comfortable and ergonomic.


The new body section feature milled oval slots that are more comfortable and visually appealing.


In addition to being ASP compatible the new pommel has also been upgraded aesthetically with a more aggressive profile and slotted milled windows.

There Are Four Tiers Of Saber Available:
  • TIER 4: HERO

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