Nanoleaf Light Panels (Rhythm Edition) – Illuminate Your Life, Your Way!

Available from Nanoleaf here, the Nanoleaf Light Panels (Rhythm Edition) is a smart lighting product kit that allows you to light up your home like never before!

A Lighting Experience Like No Other

With a multitude of wondrous colors and the ability to arrange the Nanoleaf Light Panels into your own personalized configurations, these mesmerizing panels give you the freedom to dynamically liven up your room, however you see fit!

With dynamic, vibrant color options, you can wake up to the sunrise, improve your mood with stunning colors and automate your lighting throughout the day!

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Nanoleaf offers a whole new world of possibilities
Bring Music To Life

The Nanoleaf Light Panels (Rhythm Edition) include a Rhythm add-on module which allows your panels to react to the music and come to life as your audio plays!

Essentially, with the included add-on module,  music is effectively transformed into light for your panels. Furthermore, with its no hassle, simple set-up procedure, the Rhythm add-on module just needs to be plugged in and turned on. With that, your personalized, sensory adventure can begin!

“Very cool, dynamic, and essential addition to my Light Panels! Would recommend to anyone who wants their music to come alive and energize their room.”
– Rich N., Nanoleaf Rhythm Beta Tester

Nanoleaf Light Panels can add life to any space
Illuminate Your World. Easily!

Thankfully, the Nanoleaf Light Panels have been designed to be easy to set up and use. The panels are triangular in shape and they can be placed together in any configuration of your choosing.

The panels can be easily mounted onto any flat surface using mounting tape and ‘scenes’ can be activated using a toggle button on your controller, or simply by using your voice with virtual assistants such as Siri, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Another cool feature about the Nanoleaf Light Panels are that there is a lively community of creators and music enthusiasts constantly dreaming up and working on new ‘Rhythm Scenes’ for your panels! In addition, via the Nanoleaf Smarter Series app (for both iOS and Google Play) scenes from others can be previewed or downloaded at the tap of a finger!

With the Nanoleaf Light Panels (Rhythm Edition) currently on sale for $229.99 at Nanoleaf, via the button below, this smart panel kit is a game changer for anyone looking to brighten up their home and add a whole new dimension of color to their lives. Furthermore, with a Rhythm add-on module included in the price, friends and visitors will be blown away by the spectacular music-reactive light displays that this amazing technology can deliver!

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