Insanely Simple Ways To Save Money


Saving money requires hard work and intense discipline. Especially when fighting hard to pay off debt or build up their savings. But sometimes the hardest part is getting started!

These tips are easy ways you can start saving money right now. And don’t worry, they will build up and have a dramatic impact over time. Follow a monthly budget. Making a plan for your money is easy when you download the EveryDollar app to your phone, tablet or computer.

Purchase Used Goods Online

Sometimes we want to buy the latest goods. However, this doesn’t mean you need to buy new; check websites like Amazon, Craigslist, ShopGoodwill or eBay—each offer thousands of used items in good condition at great prices.

Snag Discounted Gift Cards

Find sites that allow you to purchase restaurant, retail store, and even airline travel gift cards for less than face value. It’s almost like free money. Of course, you don’t save anything by piling up gift cards you never use but so long as you don’t go overboard, the base idea is a solid one.

Evaluate Your TV Choices

Do you need those channel subscriptions? Research the price of cable contracts and then call up your cable company to negotiate your monthly fee. Or you could join the millions of other Americans who’ve said goodbye to cable in favor of cable alternatives like Netflix, Amazon Prime and others.

Practice Some Patience

Whenever we stumble on a good deal or a particularly gorgeous find, it can almost feel meant to be. “I have to buy it!” are the famous last words before buyer’s remorse sets in. Make it a habit to take a step away when you find a must-have item. Allow yourself to think more than you feel. If you are really determined, sleep on it and make your decision in the morning.

Enjoy Yourself!

Budget while you’re having fun! Brew up a pot of coffee and sit down with your friends or family about what they’d do with more money. Where would they travel? What would they buy? Who would they help? Share your answers and motivate each other to go after those money dreams!

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