Nomad Multi-Port Wireless USB Charging Hub


The Nomad Multi-Port Wireless USB Charging Hub, available from Nomad here for $79.95, is a sophisticated wireless charger with a multi-port USB charging hub underneath.  The device is capable of charging up to 5 devices at once and designed to blend into your home’s decor.

Sleek And Sophisticated

Discreetly hidden under its sophisticated top, the hub’s backside houses four USB ports and a cable routing passage. This minimizes the cable clutter on your desk or bedside. To make it extra stable, Nomad added molded steel bars and a rubber base around the bottom, making it stay in place on your desk or bedside.

Product Features
  • Wireless charging compatible with iPhone X/8
  • Powers up to 5 devices
  • High power output
  • LED charging indicators
  • Ambient light sensor dims LED’s at night
Charges Multiple Devices At Once

The hub is designed to charge up to 5 devices at once. It is designed to be used for wireless charging, but only turns on the wireless charging if it successfully communicates with a wireless enabled phone. If no phone is on top of the hub surface, there is no wireless power transmitted, so the hub can be used as a surface for resting other small items atop.

Charging Indicator Lights

The hub’s lights appear orange while charging a device, and change to white when the device is fully charged. The ambient light sensor dims the LED’s in a dark room, so the LED’s don’t annoyingly light up your bedroom.

Now with the Nomad Multi-Port Wireless USB Charging Hub, you can charge your headphones, iPad, bike lights, and powerbank, all at the same time, and in style!

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