The Lord of the Rings Chess Set – An Epic Offering from The Noble Collection

Available from The Noble Collection here, The Lord of the Rings Chess Set offers a fantastically immersive twist on Chess! Furthermore, with its finely detailed miniature sculptures and stunning, raised Game Board – Chess will never be the same again!

Epic Game Board

The Lord of the Rings Chess Set from The Noble Collection features a stunning game board which, in itself, is a work of art.

The board measures 15″ by 15″ and it details the story of the unlikely hero of The Shire, Frodo, as well as many of the friends and foes he encounters during his epic struggle.

The board comes with art images set on high res panels on the sides of the board and the side niches can be used to display pieces from the chess set. Alternatively, the niches can hold The Two Towers and Return of the King Character Package pieces that are sold separately.

The Lord of the Rings Chess Set
Fine Detail Sculptures

With richly detailed, authentic pieces, the Lord of the Rings Chess Set comes with 32 playing pieces and each one has been cast out of fine pewter.

The pieces remain true to the Academy Award winning film, as each piece has been personally approved by their respective individual actors! In addition, the Good Guys have a green ring around their base, and the Baddies have a purple one!

Some of the pieces included in the set are Aragorn, Arwen, Galadriel, Boromir, Gandalf, Pippin, Frodo, Merry, Sam, a Cave Troll, multiple different orcs, an Orthanc Tower, a Ringwraith, Lurtz, an Uruk-Hai and the dreadfully wicked Saruman!

The Chess Set features an ancient sculpted map!
Middle Earth Meets Home

With its stunning game board and finely detailed pieces, the Lord of the Rings Chess Set allows you to bring Middle Earth straight into your home!

The board comes with a smooth, raised plexiglass playing surface and below it, players can see a detailed, sculpted relief map of Middle-earth.

The board itself is made of cold cast porcelain and the ancient map acts as a beautiful, crowning embellishment that helps to make your Chess games more immersive!

Currently available for $495 at The Noble Collection, via the button below, the Lord of the Rings Chess Set is a magnificent offering that provides the timeless action of Chess, mixed with the fantastical action and adventure that is The Lord of the Rings!

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