Swagtron SwagDrone 210-UP

Available from Swagtron here, the Swagtron SwagDrone 210-UP is a sleek, stream-lined racing drone, designed with both ease of use and optimal performance set at the core of its design.

Birds Eye View

With an advanced 700TVL camera integrated into the drones design, the SwagDrone 210-UP delivers a 120° Field of View for a sharper, wider resolution while you record and fly.

Significantly, the SwagDrone 210-UP can be synced with a compatible smart device and it is Ready To Fly, straight out of the box.

When synced with a compatible smart device, the drone’s pilot will be able to record and watch a real-time HD video feed on 8 available channels. In addition, the footage of your flight can (obviously) be recorded and rewatched later on.

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 1.00.18.png
The SwagDrone 210-UP looks pretty futuristic
Built for the Skies

The SwagDrone 210-UP delivers a versatile flight range, as it comes complete with a 5.8G mushroom antennae & dual receivers, which together, result in an impressive 800m transmission range.

With 3 modes for pilots of all skill levels, the SwagDrone 210-UP allows drone pilots to enjoy flying the drone, regardless of their skill level. The skill level options available are: ‘Primary,’ ‘Mid,’ and ‘High.’

In addition, the drone’s responsive remote control provides excellent maneuverability and the drone’s supercharged Li-PO battery, built-in-3 axis gyro and F3 flight system provide the drone with an extended, responsive and agile flight capability.

The SwagDrone 210-UP caters to varying skill levels
Advanced Features

The SwagDrone 210-UP comes with night vision, which effectively provides clear, crisp and acute visibility during night time and other low-light conditions.

Another advanced feature of the drone is that it comes complete with Emergency Failsafes. Essentially, if your drone drifts too far out of range, you can activate the built-in locater alarm. This will allow you to find your drone and troubleshoot any drone emergency with the Killswitch and failsafe features.

Currently on discount sale at Swagtron for $315.99 via the button below ($84.01 discount), the SwagDrone 210-UP is a sleek, compact racing drone which offers options for varying pilot skill levels. In addition, the built-in locator is a particularly nice touch!

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