Nemesis Board Game by Awaken Realms

Promoted via Kickstarter here, the Nemesis Board Game offers one-of-a kind gameplay that mixes Sci-Fi horror with an alien-infested, well-balanced semi-cooperative adventure for up to 5 players!

SciFi Survival Horror

The Nemesis Board Game has been in professional development for over three years, and despite still being in its prototype stage, the game plays very well and has thus far received good reviews.

Set in the depths of space, your spaceship crew has been exploring for loot, hunting  for lucrative profits in the aftermath of a long-gone, asteroid mining boom… yet, after being rudely awakened from your hyper sleep – you must immediately defend yourself from an alien boarding attack and survive!

Your ship contains a dynamic crew, consisting of; a Captain, Pilot, Scout, Soldier and Scientist. Each crew member possesses different skills and abilities and each stunning miniature adds to the game dynamics and Sci-Fi suspense, in their own unique way.

The Nemesis Board Game includes some stunning miniatures
Evolving Terrors

With the threat of alien attack, this exciting, crowdfunded game is made more suspenseful by the added time pressure that can emerge in the blink of an eye.

Encroaching enemies can push your crew to work faster, or a count-down to an emergency hyper-jump can help to focus your character’s mind before they get caught outside of their stasis pod and turned to red splatter on the wall!

As your spaceship is attacked and boarded by Alien Intruders, you soon learn that you are up against a formidable foe! Auxotrophic, anaerobic, mineral-based, trans-dimensional life forms are not something to be taken lightly!

The Nemesis Board Game offers Sci-Fi Suspense for 1-5 players!
Exploration and Suspense

An important and exciting addition to the game is the exploration aspect. Every room of the ship may contain useful items and each enables a different special action, such as activating fire extinguishers, or cutting out infected tissue!

Searching for bountiful, rewarding rooms can help your characters survive the aliens’ onslaught, yet searching for more rooms is a noisy process… which may draw more unwanted attention from your uninvited guests!

With only 3 days of crowdfunding left to go over at Kickstarter (click the button below) and more than $3,173,813 pledged so far towards the products design and release, the Nemesis Board Game is currently priced at $99 (£70) for the core box set and enhanced options are also available for higher price points.

If Sci-Fi Survival horror is your kind of genre, then the Nemesis Board Game is a fantastic new offering with detailed miniatures and suspense galore for up to 1-5 players!

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