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Lionbridge are always on the hunt for the best people to work with. Their vast network of experts and visionaries makes them who they are. Full-time. Part-time. In one of 47 offices or from your home. Start your own adventure as Lionbridge continues to bring meaning to brands around the world.

Testers. Raters. Curators.

Calling all home-based workers and university students. The Lionbridge community needs you. Life in the crowd is never boring. Check out the latest online jobs postings here, and get ready to dig into your next assignment.

Finding jobs working from home is only a few mouse clicks away. Not seeing the type of work you like, but are interested in joining the community? Lionbridge are creating new work opportunities every month.

Translators & Agencies

Become a Lionbridge Partner. Visit our Service Partner Portal here. Completing the partner registration forms should take you between 5 and 15 minutes, depending on your areas of expertise. As you move through the forms, you can exit at any time; you will be able to resume the process later from the same place.

Make sure you provide as much information as possible about your primary areas of expertise and general availability. Specific expertise in a field should be corroborated by your CV. This will allow Lionbridge to assign projects to you that match your skills.


Sign up at the interpretations portal, Interpbridge. Lionbridge Interpretation offers interpretation services in over 360 languages and dialects to meet a wide variety of client needs. Lionbridge interpreters can be found working in meetings, courts, hospital emergency rooms, over the phone, and in the corridors of government agencies.

Lionbridge provides clients in the US Federal Government, EU Governments, Private Sector, Legal, and Medical communities with Interpreters in all languages. For hard-to-find languages, high volume requirements, or a specific subject area, Lionbridge Interpretation is your language partner.

Their extensive quality assurance program and client-friendly business model mean you can be assured of a qualified interpreter in the language you need, with easy ordering and tracking.

Interested In Working For Lionbridge?

If you are interested in working for Lionbridge, send a copy of your CV, work availability and a short introduction of yourself to the team at Lionbridge via the link below!

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